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Email Misfire Adds Drama to the War for a New York Casino License

NY Times: An errant email has led to collusion accusations and subpoenas, illustrating the cutthroat environment surrounding the battle for a casino license in New York.

In the billionaire-versus-billionaire contest to open a casino in the United States’ last, great untapped gambling market, an errant email can become a dangerous weapon in an opponent’s hands.

That is a lesson that Steve Cohen, the New York Mets owner, and Hard Rock International, his casino partner, have learned the hard way in recent weeks.

The central players in this episode of casino palace intrigue include Mr. Cohen’s team and a rival casino interest: Las Vegas Sands, which wants to build a resort at the Nassau Coliseum site on Long Island, roughly 16 miles east of Mr. Cohen’s proposed casino development at Citi Field.

The problem began when one of Mr. Cohen’s lobbyists inadvertently sent a short strategy note to a Sands executive. Full Article.

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