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Clive Tilley Gaming Gambling Expert

Clive Tilley

Casinos, Lottery, & Sports Betting

Clive Tilley has 40 years of international gaming experience. After beginning his career at the Victoria Sporting Club in his native London, England, he moved overseas and operated 20+ casino concessions on multiple cruise lines.  He subsequently formed TILLEY ENTERTAINMENT, a gaming management and operating company which was successful in developing multiple projects in emerging markets, primarily in Latin America, Russia and East Africa. My mission is to “Make it Happen.” Widely considered an expert in the global gaming, entertainment, and hospitality industries, I take on projects that represent a real challenge, driving me to build teams to achieve the nearly impossible. I founded Ocean Gaming Consultants (a management consulting firm) and Tilley Entertainment (a management operating company). As a London native who speaks fluent Spanish, I have a proven record of increasing revenues and profits, often in the challenging environment of emerging and difficult markets. Business as a noble adventure sustains my passion for travel, sport, and fun.

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