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California sports gambling push fails again

California sports gambling tribal tribes

KTLA5: The latest push to legalize sports betting in California is dead, according to industry publication PlayUSA.

Kasey Thompson, one of the leaders of the ballot initiative, said opposition from Native American tribes meant they would no longer be moving forward.

“This initiative was supposed to be for the tribes but is only causing division,” he told PlayUSA. “That was never my intent. I see now the needed unity is not coming, and so I’m standing good to my word and not moving forward. I’m pulling it in full.”

Two initiatives would’ve allowed California’s governor to negotiate agreements with tribes and set up a framework for both in-person and online sports betting, similar to measures that failed in 2022.

Without tribal support, however, they were doomed to fail, Thompson said.

“We tried everything until the very end, but it looks like there would be money from the three big tribes against it, making it impossible to pass in a public election,” Thompson said. “The only thing I would create from here is a civil war.”

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