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Gerry Dameron

Green Casinos

Gerry has been an industry-leading executive, entrepreneur, writer, researcher, and speaker in the Sustainability/Green Business arena for 30 years.  Gerry launched or grew highly successful and award-winning multi-million dollar Green business enterprises in the areas of solar energy (Novan Energy, NSM), wind power (Patriot Wind, Pres), energy storage (Bright Energy, Senior VP), electric fast charging (Aker Wade, Sr. VP), electric vehicle manufacturing (Boulder Electric Vehicle, Sr. VP) commercial scale energy efficiency contracting and financing (Highland Energy ESCo, VP), and leadership consulting (New Energy Consulting, Pres.) (CareerTrack, Director), for 30 years from Boulder, Colorado and Maui, Hawaii.  Gerry is the Chief Author of the recently published research guidebook Lucrative Sustainability, How Cities and Counties are Making Millions by Going Green.  Mr. Dameron was also the team leader for the self-funding, fully-financed $78 million solar energy project for the County of Maui last year, which is slashing carbon and pollution by over 90% while saving over $100 million for the citizens of Maui County over the coming 20 years.  Gerry is working to build collaborative business and community teams to engineer, finance, and implement projects inspiring the world’s shift to safer, cleaner, more sustainable, and more prosperous future brands.

Green Futures is working with Profound Gaming to support forward-looking casinos in the new direction for higher-profit Green Casinos.  Through an expert energy efficiency team and renewable energy project implementers, client casinos can enjoy 10% to 25% lower operating costs while implementing higher quality-of-space conditions.  Project options include energy-efficient lighting retrofits, mechanical and AC equipment upgrades, indoor air quality improvement programs, solar parking lots, battery storage/ microgrid resilience, and electric vehicle (EV) parking infrastructure.  Most projects are self-funding with positive cash flows realized within 6 to 12 months. Profound Gaming and Green Futures are helping casinos to forge the smart, profitable, and sustainable path to the Future of Green Gaming.  Contact us for a no-obligation 90-minute introductory presentation to understand the profound economic and sustainability gains your casino can realize in 12 months or less. 

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