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Abhishek Kumbhat Gaming Gambling Expert

Abhisek Kumbhat

Lottery & Technology

A technology enthusiast and researcher, Abhishek has been instrumental in Product Innovation and Technology solutions for the Lottery & Gaming, Retail, eCommerce, and FinTech industries for more than 18 years. Solutions designed by him have seen grounds across  40+ countries. 

Dr. Kumbhat is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Investor with early-stage tech startups. He actively participates in multiple angel networks and incubation programs of premier institutes. He is also a core team member of a not-for-profit accelerator program - “IIT Startups” in the USA and India. Having diversified academics, he has a doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Management from IIT Delhi. In addition, he holds a Bachelor's and Master's in Engineering, along with Law and Management Graduation. Many research papers and patents are accredited to his name. His interest lies in product & business model innovation and technology start-ups.

Being part of the Lottery and Gaming Industry for the last 18 years, he has led solutions that have served many National, State, or Private Lottery and Gaming Operators, primarily in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He has also actively spoken and shared my experiences at many conferences organized by WLA, EL, CIBELAE, APLA, and ALA.

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